How is Global Servants funded?

Global Servants is funded through private donations, primarily from individuals and churches. Additionally, all of Dr. Rutland’s book and tape royalties as well as his speaking honoraria go directly into Global Servants’ mission budget.

What denomination is Global Servants?

Although not officially aligned with any one denomination, Global Servants’ leadership, including Dr. Rutland, is associated with the International Ministerial Fellowship. However, our Board of Directors includes representatives from Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, and Independent churches.

Does Global Servants have a board?

An independent, unpaid, eleven-member Board of Directors oversees and guides the work of Global Servants. The leadership at Global Servants responds directly to the Board of Directors. Two of the Board members, Jim Moye and John Bohlayer, have served the ministry from its inception. The Board is comprised of both minsters and laypersons. Our diverse group represents five denominational affiliations: Methodist, Baptist, Assemblies of God, Independent and an Executive Director for the Pentecostal Holiness Denomination.

How are Global Servants’ funds used?

Our Form 990 is available for public review here:

In addition to this, we are also on Charity Navigator here:

How can I be sure that Global Servants is an ethical nonprofit agency?

Global Servants has been faithfully and honestly serving those in need for 32 years. Global Servants’ values honesty, character and righteousness in all things and strives to carry out the great commission with absolute integrity. Dr. Mark Rutland, the Board of Administration, and Global Servants’ leadership invite you to examine our business practices at any time.

Global Servants

Global Servants was founded by Dr. Mark Rutland in 1977 as a worldwide, nonprofit missions and ministry organization. He started this ministry with the desire to see lives changed by the power and truth of God’s Word. For more than a quarter of a century, the men and women of Global Servants have risen to the call and gone into the world to preach the good news and spread the love of God. READ MORE.